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Why You Should Have Your Window Screens Repaired

window screen
Window screens can add function and curb appeal to your home when they are in good condition. If your screens are damaged, you should have them repaired so you may continue to enjoy how they enhance your home. Here are some of the advantages you benefit from when your window screens are in good condition.

Keep Out Pests

Window screens can keep insects, rodents, birds and other unwanted guests from entering your home. They can also provide an additional deterrent against theft or burglary by adding another barrier of protection.

Keep Pets Inside

Indoor pets are at risk of injury if they get out of the house without your knowledge. Your window screens can prevent them from sneaking out and keep them safely inside. 

Improved Air Circulation

When you have well-maintained screens, you can open your windows and allow better air circulation within the house. You can also reduce your energy expenses by using less air conditioning or heat if the temperature outside is comfortable.

Add Value

Window screens have more features than ever before. You have different material options, UV protection and even prevent some impact damage. Repairing your screens with updated products can give you even more benefits.
Professionals can usually repair your window screens on-site so you can get back to enjoying your home. If you require window screen repair, contact City Glass of Bloomington, Inc. today.