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What to Do About Insulated Glass Seal Failure

Water Condensation On Windows
Glass seal failure can affect any window, but insulated glass requires unique solutions. Insulated glass is far more energy efficient and secure than single pane glass. Seal failure can negate all the benefit you invested in. Here's how to spot insulated glass seal failure and what you can do about it.

What Insulated Glass Seal Failure Means

Insulated glass is two or more panes of glass sealed together. When the seals start to deteriorate or break at the edges, the adhesion between the planes of glass lessens. You can usually tell your windows are suffering from seal failure if you notice the following signs:
  • Condensation you cannot wipe off from either side of the window
  • Foggy glass you cannot wipe from either side of the window
  • Condensation or fogginess that comes and goes frequently
  • Mineral deposit buildup making glass look dirty even after you clean it
The signs of seal failure aren't always readily apparent. You can have a seal failure and not see any of signs for a while. The signs become most dramatic when there's a large change in temperature outside or inside your space. The first sign you'll typically see is the condensation building up between the panes.

How to Prevent Insulated Glass Seal Failure

You can prevent or lower instances of insulated glass seal failure with a few good practices. For example, you can lower the possibility of seal failure by:
  • Having your windows installed professionally
  • Choosing a professional service that manufactures as well as installs
  • Inspecting your windows for issues, especially gaps between the window glass and the frame
  • Caulking gaps and seal any cracks you find outside around the window
  • Never using pressuring washing or heat guns on the windows
Another good practice is to choose insulated windows that come with a long warranty. The longer the warranty, the better. This is important because the best method of dealing with glass seal failure is to call in your warranty.

What You Can Do About Insulated Glass Seal Failure

If your insulated windows already suffer from signs of glass seal failure, you can still do something about it. As stated, utilizing your warranty is the best option. If you cannot do that, you still have options.
Have Your Insulated Windows Defogged
Defogging insulated windows usually implies drilling a small hole to remove fog and condensation from between the panes. You can also use a packet of desiccant to absorb moisture as well. Note these are not repairs, just methods to make the glass look better. The failed seal will remain, but the windows will still look clean and clear.
Some window services and DIY methods can help you defog the windows while offering a makeshift seal. For example, the service will defog the window, then add an anti-moisture agent.
Afterwards, the service will seal the drill holes. This can help slow down moisture buildup, but it's not a permanent solution. In addition, if gas is removed, then your window will lose some of its insulating properties.
Have Your Insulated Glass Replaced
Just like with single pane windows, you can sometimes have the glass replaced without replacing the entire window. The process of replacing the glass isn't always easy, but a professional insulated glass repair service can do it for you. The service may have to completely take apart the window and frame, then install precisely measured glass before reassembling it.
If your windows suffer from a glass seal failure, it doesn't always mean you can't save them. If your insulated glass shows signs of wear or seal failure, City Glass of Bloomington, Inc., can help. Contact us today to have your insulated glass repaired or replaced.