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Unexpected Ways to Use Mirrors and Glass in Your Home

Bathroom mirror
You have a mirror above the bathroom vanity and glass covering your dining room table top. But are those the only places to use mirrors and glass in your home? Of course not. There are plenty of ways to use mirrors and glass as part of your grand décor scheme. Although you may already have thought of some of the common places and spaces to use reflective or clear surfaces, some mirror and glass design ideas aren't as obvious.  
How can you use mirrors and glass in unexpected ways? If you're in the redecorating process (or are considering it), take a look at these sparkling, shining, and stylish ideas.
Kitchen Creations
Ceramic tile behind the backsplash can look outdated and commonplace. Spice up your kitchen, give it a fresh look, and make it truly stand out with a glass backsplash. Depending on your style and your kitchen's space requirements, you have several different options.
If you're going for a clean, contemporary look, a solid panel of tinted or frosted glass is an eyecatching alternative to individual tiles. Another full panel option is to use clear glass over a painted surface. Create a pattern with paints, use several different colors, or have an artist design a masterful mural in the backsplash area. After the paint dries, cover it with clear glass. This protects the paint and provides you with a surface that's easy to wipe clean.
Solid panel backsplashes aren't your only kitchen option. Glass tiles can give the space a modern look that brightens the backsplash area. Frosted or tinted tiles can add a slight hint of color without overpowering the room. Add this type of tile to a neutral palette, perking up a white, ivory, or industrial steel space.
Living Room Options
A framed custom-cut mirror in the living room can become part of the décor in the same way that framed art would. Instead of a plain rectangle or square, try a scalloped shape or something that fits into an ornate frame.
While highlighting one mirror is an option, you can also group several together. Create a focal point with one distinct mirror, arranging the others around it. Hanging the mirrors in a salon gallery style adds visual interest and increases your room's space. Even though it doesn't technically increase the square footage, it will visually enlarge the room with the optical illusion of added area.
If you want to add glass to your room, consider using glass tiles around the fireplace or as a faux (decorative) window above the mantel. Frame a glass panel and either hang it above or rest it on the mantel. This creates a distinctive look with a rustic style.
Bedroom Style
Again, you have options galore when using mirrors and glass in your bedroom. A mirror over the dresser is an expected design element. Swap this well-used type of décor out for something that's more noticeable. Try a glass or mirror mosaic above the dresser, around the windows, or over the bed. You can also hang a framed faux window where you'd usually see a mirror.
You can also opt for mirrored furniture - just don't overdo it. A complete bedroom set done in mirrors may make your room look a little like a disco ball. Pick one or two statement pieces, or mirror your favorite piece of furniture. A bedside table, slim dresser, or vanity stool with mirrored legs adds visual interest without going too far.
Do you need mirrors or glass for your home renovation project? Whether you need a glass panel for your kitchen or a mirror for your favorite frame, or if you have another custom project in mind, City Glass of Bloomington, Inc., can help.