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Important Information to Get From a Potential Replacement Window Contractor

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Home improvement can be expensive and time-consuming, especially if it involves repairing or replacing old windows. Naturally, you want the results to be the best possible, so you'll be looking into hiring professionals.

Discover essential information you need to get while you're interviewing and hiring window contractors.

Accountability of the Company

The most essential information you'll want before you hire any contractor, including those for replacement windows, is their level of accountability. You need the basics from potential contractors, including how long they've been in the business of replacing windows. Likewise, ask if they have any licensure or registration in your state.

Some homeowners visit any jobsites the company is currently working at. If that seems outside your comfort zone, consider asking for a list of references. At the bare minimum, do a little research on the internet for reviews and ratings of the company.

Don't be afraid to ask about any warranties the company offers. Typically, the window manufacturers should provide warranties on their products. Find out of the potential contractor offers warranties on the work itself.

Along with warranties comes insurance during the job itself. Contractors should carry comprehensive liability and workman's compensation insurance. You'll want to see certificates of the insurance beforehand - you may even want to have copies sent to your own insurance company.

Cost of the Project

Window replacements are expensive, but the replacement adds value to your house, and you'll save over time on utilities. However, you need to know the up-front costs.

Any reputable contractors will offer you an estimate. Consider asking if you can get an itemized estimate, which will include parts and labor. If you're asking for any specialty hardware or finishing work, make sure that's included in the original estimate.

Along those lines, you'll also want to find out the expected payment schedule. Contractors typically ask for a deposit up front to cover the cost of the materials. If the project is expected to span several days, sometimes they also require an additional payment. Typically, the balance due is expected at when the project is finished.

Duration of the Project

Along with cost, you'll want to know how long the project will take. Quite often, replacing windows can be accomplished in a day. However, specialty windows or hardware may require more time. Ask ahead of time if the contractor thinks the project will span multiple days.

In that vein, don't forget to ask about the timing up front. Find out how long it will take to order your windows and hardware. Likewise, when does the contractor expect all the materials to arrive? They won't be able to give you specific dates. However, they have experience in these matters, so they should be able to offer an estimate.

Details about the Project

Before you even get quotes on the replacement project, you should find out what exactly you need.

First, ask if it's worth repairing rather than replacing your windows. If you have rotting sashes or other structural damage, you likely need a new window. If the damage is superficial, though, repair might be an option.

Ask the company if you need to replace the full window of if fitting new glass into the existing frame will suffice. This question is especially important if you have a historical house. Replacing the frame can affect the overall appearance of your house's fa├žade.

About the job itself, make sure you know exactly what's going to be included. You want to know if potential contractors offer finishing services, which include trim and painting. Likewise, find out if the contractors will offer clean-up services after the job is complete.

Don't be afraid to ask questions about a project that will affect the investment you've made in your house. The experts at City Glass of Bloomington, Inc., are happy to assist you.